Unleashing my inner demon(s)

by 🌸

I didn’t want to write this post (nah, I wanted to), but I didn’t want to obsess over it so I decided to let it all out here instead of on my blog because apparently, I get judged for whatever shit I write there 😀

I know that there are people who dislike me. And I’m totally cool with that because hey, you can’t please everybody.

Whatever question I received earlier just made me realize how I would never sent anonymous hate to people because that is just real fucking mean. Hell, what I received wasn’t even hate but I feel like crap after reading it anyway.

I saw the notification on my ask.fm app, opened it, took one look at the question, and felt immensely uncomfortable. In the question that was sent to me, I was told that I should (and I quote) ‘stop pms-ing all the time’ because ‘it’s not other ppls fault that I’m in a bad mood.’ And of course I shouldn’t feel obliged to take the anon’s views into careful consideration, because it’s ‘just a suggestion’ 🙂

Yeah ok. If you think I’m not going to feel offended (or upset) about it, you’re wrong. If you know me (which I’m pretty darn sure you do), you would know that I’m super sensitive and I get offended very easily so yes, I’m offended and upset because that wasn’t really nice. It would’ve been better if i had no complete idea who sent it, but I do. I’m 50% sure I know who sent it but I have no idea why he/she did it.


I know i haven’t been my best self for the past few years but hey, I can confidently say that I’ve been a better person so far this year.

Although I’m upset, I will take into account what the anon said and treat it as another one of those ‘life’ lessons instead of another one of those bad moments that I would be really glad to forget.

I’m better than this