I hate cyclists

by 🌸

I hate cyclists. Sneaky motherfuckers on a stupid bicycle.

I just encountered one who, even when the road was as wide as five elephants lying on their sides, just had to cycle in the fucking middle (where I happened to be walking leisurely).

Ultimately I walked to the side to let his stupid bike pass, and he actually had the fucking guts to glare at me. Shock horror! I’m so scared!

Fuck you.

There will never be a day where my hate for (most) cyclists would be lifted. I hate (most) cyclists because they think they own the fucking road when, news flash, you fucking don’t!

If you liked the idea of cycling in the middle of the pedestrian pathway like a king, please, by all means, go drive a fucking car.

If you drive, you don’t have to battle with pedestrians for the pathway. You get to drive in the middle too! Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

I cursed again. FUCK.