50 Things to Let Go of Before Your(my) Next Birthday

by 🌸

I came across this article while scrolling through this lovely website a few weeks ago (procrastination at its best, i know). It inspired me a lot so i have decided to come up with my own list (but most of them would come from the article anyway. I’m just posting this as a form of reinforcement) of (50) things to let go of before my (sixteenth) birthday. This shall be a… promise to myself. Something like a resolution?

Before my next birthday, i resolute to…

  1. Let go of constantly comparing myself with other people. -They are different. I am different. Everybody’s different. Instead of constantly comparing myself to others and almost always feeling bad afterwards, i challenge myself to do better things instead (read, stretch, exercise, draw, write, text a friend, etc).
  2. Let go of worrying about other people’s opinions about me/my life. –When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen
  3. Let go of expectations.
  4. Let go of complaints.
  5. Let go of my mistakes. -Been there, done that. Now it’s over. Replaying it obsessively in my head won’t erase them.
  6. Let go of my excuses. -Bad, bad, bad habit of mine. ‘I can’t do this because i’m…’ No. I can do this. I’m only delaying it for god knows what reason.
  7. Let go of my ungrateful thoughts (if any).
  8. Let go of my temper.
  9. Let go of being too ‘busy’ to show my love. –Loyalty is hard to find.  Trust is easy to lose.  Actions speak louder than words.  Tell your loved ones you love them every day, and prove it.
  10. Let go of everything that could possibly be holding me back. -The future holds so many possibilities and i’m excited. I challenge myself to let go of everything (anything) that could possibly be holding me back so i can live a life without any regrets.
  11. Let go of self-hate. –Love yourself!  Forgive yourself!  Accept yourself!
  12. Let go of trying to be someone else. -Throughout primary school i suffered through what i would call a serious case of ‘identity crisis’. It wasn’t identity crisis per se, but it was something similar. In a nutshell, primary school (and most of my lower secondary school years) was just me going ‘Why can’t i be her’. Yep…
  13. Let go of petty arguments. -I can’t just go around picking fights with everybody who doesn’t share the same view(s) as i do. Nu-uh. You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you.  All you can do is change how you react and who you choose to be around.
  14.  Let go of the perception that good grades=everything.
  15. Let go of the ‘all or nothing’ mentality.
  16. Let go of thinking you should always get what you want. –Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
  17. Let go of the need to always feel/be comfortable. –All growth takes place outside of your comfort zone. 
  18. Let go of thinking that others have it better than i do. -Brings me back to point number four and seven.
  19. Let go of ugly words. -Nope. Go away ugly words!!111 You aren’t wanted here! Saying someone is ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.
  20. Let go of emotions that always get the best of me. –Stay strong.  Even when it feels like things are falling apart, they’re not.  Take control of your emotions before they take control of you.
  21. Let go of any drama. -‘Be zen’ -Carrie Bradshaw (ok, she may or may not have said that. My memory’s pretty rusty :p)
  22. Let go of yesterday. –Don’t let yesterday steal your present.  Don’t judge yourself by your past; you don’t live there anymore.  Let go, grow, and move forward.

That is quite a list that i have written. I was supposed to write fifty things, i know. Having practically cracked my skull open to come up with twenty two things-and that’s including the ones that i oh-so-nonchalantly ‘took’ from the website, i figured that halving the number (and minus-ing three) would be a suitable number. Besides, i know my own limits. It would be great to let go of the twenty two things listed above and the rest by my next next (seventeenth) birthday. Pace.

Well, here’s to letting go of the stupid sh*t that life throws me (you, everybody else)!

(fun fact: 22 (or 2/7) happens to be my favorite number-that would explain why i ended my list abruptly haha)

147 days to let go of twenty two ‘things’-challenge accepted.