by 🌸

In two days’ time it’ll be my favorite day of the year (usually)-my birthday.

In two days’ time, I will turn sixteen.

In America, this would mean that I am able to get my license, bla bla bla, whereas in Singapore, it just means that I have O levels ahead of me. Lol Singapore, real funny.

Um, I don’t really know what to expect for my sixteenth birthday, but I am incredibly thankful for the gifts I’ve received in advance, and my growth from an immature prepubescent to a slightly more mature (but still immature) teenager.

I think my mindset has changed a little because I went from focusing on the number of gifts I would receive to the messages and birthday wishes. I feel like birthday cards/simple wishes mean so much more because (as long as) they’re sincere. I have kept every single card (even slips of paper) that has ever been given to me and sometimes I would take them out and reminisce haha.

Ok I sound creepy.