New year resolutions (in advance)

by 🌸

After walking home in the rain after a very lovely trip to Sephora, it’s safe to say that i’m feeling all ‘towelly’ (fluffy and comfortable-towelly is just some word i made up haha) and i thought that it’ll be nice for me to talk about my new year resolutions for 2015 before i actually post them on my actual blog.

This year has been yet another year where i’ve grown and learnt new things. Change, oh how i have changed indeed. It never ceases to amaze me how much i can actually change each year. Last year, i thought i changed a lot as compared to the me at the start of the year. And here i am, a different person as compared to the me last year. I have not changed entirely though-old habits still die hard. There are some… not-so-pleasant qualities of mine that are still present, but much more toned down. Of course, my extravagant spending habits are more or less still the same, it’s just that i’m much more committed to making quality purchases instead of senseless and impulse ones. My my, this year was interesting indeed.

I have done a lot of things i certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to do-and it’s all thanks to the people around me, i guess. Even though those things probably don’t mean much to most people, they were still sorta an ‘accomplishment’ since we all know how shy (geh) i can be. Going to church every week has certainly been one of those things that i really appreciate, and now with O levels (finally) drawing to an end, my mood has been soaring higher and higher.

I’m still very much undecided about my post secondary education, but i have more or less set a little benchmark for myself. If i hit that benchmark-off to JC i go. If i don’t-then a diploma @ a polytechnic awaits me. No matter where i choose to go, i shall leave it all to God and trust in his plan for me.

Moving on, let’s start with the resolutions for 2015, shall we?

New Year Resolutions for 2015

❄︎ Go to the gym/run at least thrice a month (i’ve learnt that setting practically unattainable goals are ridiculous)

❄︎ Eat well for 90% of every passing week 

❄︎ Dress in a more… refined manner

❄︎ Minimise the usage of negative and self-deprecating words such as ‘fat’, ‘fail’, ‘ugly’ etc

❄︎ Write/journal more often (i.e twice/thrice a week)

❄︎ Make quality purchases, instead of senseless and impulse purchases (i.e thinking carefully before deciding to purchase anything)

❄︎ Smile a genuine smile at least once a day

❄︎ Read at least two books every month 

❄︎ Moisturise every day

Wellness is definitely something that i’ll be attempting to focus on-i really want to get rid of my bad habits next year and start good ones.

Here’s to an even better year (& maybe even *gasp* love???????? <- haha just kidding)