shameless christmas wish list

by 🌸

As the title goes, here is my very shameless christmas wish list. As i explore the beauty/food/etc world and my ever-changing preferences for things develops and changes, a tiny list of the things i would love to own forms in my head. This Christmas, it seems like the people around me have some trouble figuring out what i would like for Christmas. Truth to be told, i don’t even know what i want for Christmas. What i do know, is that i want lots of things. The list is a never-ending list. With that being said, here’s my Shameless Christmas Wish List (basically a compilation of things i want at the moment).

*Things that i know i will be receiving are not included inside keke.

❄︎ Revlon Parfumerie in the shade Fresh Linen 

Seriously. I discovered this when i was browsing through the Guardian store at Parkway Parade Mall after dinner when Meg tried it on. Gorgeous, gorgeous shade of white-it’s slightly iridescent and lightly translucent-so you can wear it sheer or opaque, depending on how many layers you apply. I’m so in love with it, i’m tempted to just make my way to Guardian and just buy it.

❄︎ Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in the shade Checkmate

My obsession with neutral shades/tones seems to have gone right through the roof lately. Despite my mentions of Christmas themed nails (i.e green and red glittery shades), i find myself drawn to neutral, sandy, nude-ish shades. While reading Essiebutton’s blog, i saw a post she made about dupes for Essie’s Sand Tropez and i immediately liked it.

❄︎ L’occitane’s Almond Supple Skin Oil

This was featured in one of Jenn Im (clothesencounters)’s video and i vowed to purchase it after i heard what she had to say about this product. It’s lightweight, moisturising, smells delicious and incredibly moisturising. If you know me, you would know that i have sensitive (& dry) skin, but i hate the sticky feeling that lotions leave you with, so i do not moisturise often. The reviews online did state that this did not leave them with an oily feeling after application, so i’m hoping that this would help me jump into the moisturising bandwagon.

❄︎ The Eat Pretty book

Once again, saw this book being featured in Essiebutton’s blog posts/videos and i thought to myself, this would be a nice cookbook to have on hand. I’ve actually been actively searching for a good vegan/vegetarian cookbook for ages and so far, i haven’t really found any cookbooks with simple ingredients (& also pocket friendly prices). This cookbook looks pretty promising and it doesn’t hurt that it’s layout is smashing, too.

❄︎ Tea. Just tea.

My mom would probably whack me for this, since i rarely have the time to drink tea anymore. But gah, i’m a sucker for teas? My current favourite to-go tea would be Dilmah tea, i especially love the vanilla flavoured one-it gives off such a great scent. I’m not the type to have milk with my teas, so i don’t usually let my teabags drown into my water (haha-drown) for the recommended time (five minutes?). It would be delightful to receive tea to be honest. I miss the old Tazo tea so much (before Starbucks took over and all things went haywire). Sigh.

❄︎ Candles

Again, my mom would probably whack me for this. I am a candle hoarder. Or an aspiring candle hoarder. I am a total sucker for candles that smell like Fall & Christmas. I visited Bath & Body Works today and just about died at their fall candles. No joke. My mom had to physically drag me out of the store before i squandered my savings away. (P.s i don’t judge candles by their brands, just by their scents.)

❄︎ Fresh perfume rollerballs

I am in love with Fresh perfumes. Right now, i’m using Brown Sugar, and i don’t think i’ll ever switch (or at least change brands) But i would still like to try the other scents that Fresh has to offer, because Fresh has the most intriguing perfumes ever. They aren’t overpowering, yet they’re just the right amount of subtle-ness (is this a word heh). In short, they smell like everything i ever want myself to smell. It’s not too overly sugary sweet, yet not too fruity (let’s not even venture towards floral because i despise floral perfumes). It’s perfection in a bottle (to me). And my sister agrees too. Hurrah for my good eye judgement. (I saw it on their website and decided there and then that i would buy it because comE ON, it’s Brown Sugar!!!11)

❄︎ A powerful lip scrub

My lips are dry as heck and i don’t usually wear any lip products for too long because they will look terrible on my chapped lips and vaseline has been a great help in terms of locking moisture on my lips and preventing the harsh air from drying them out, but i want my lips to be evenly coloured by whatever lip product i use so that means that my lips need a good, wicked scrub. So far, i don’t know of any powerful lip scrubs, but it would be nice to be able to find a scrub that would leave my lips feeling smoother and less gross.

❄︎ Dainty earrings

I am forever losing my earrings and right now, i am in dire need of a pair of earrings. I bought a pair of sterling silver triangle earrings (ear studs) from Lovisa a few weeks back, and i’m loving the daintiness of them. I have multiple piercings on each ear so i usually stick to small, dainty earrings so that they do not overpower each other when worn all at once. Dainty earrings, definitely a need.

❄︎ Anything Lush (dream cream & skin drink sounds incredibly good)

Ever since i started working in an office, my skin has been parched. Literally parched. I always leave the office with slightly red and irritated skin and that upsets me a lot. I’ve been searching high and low for a good moisturiser/body cream/lotion for ages and the reviews around the internet makes lush appear to be a rather suitable candidate. I’m tempted to just buy myself skin drink already.

❄︎ Books

Romance novels, war novels, historical novels, literature, self-help novels (books), novels that will leave you feeling inspired-i cannot get enough of them. Reading has and always been a hobby of mine, although admittedly, i am not doing much reading nowadays. A book i’ve been reading recently would be Cecelia Ahern’s The Year I Met You (the title had me wrapped around it’s enchanting book spine), and The Best Of Me is still on my to read list, together with tons of my unfinished young adult novels. But really, whatever book i receive (if i do receive books as a Christmas present), i will read it and love it. I have a fascination with other people’s book interests, so to receive a book that’s based on their preferences, it sounds incredibly well-thought and interesting. I’m weird, i know.

I guess that concludes my Shameless Christmas Wish List (SCWL). That’s just a funny guideline-i’m not asking for people to adhere to it. At the end of the day, i am incredibly thankful for the gifts that i am about to receive, and it wouldn’t matter what i get because it’s the thought that counts. So really, this list was just for fun and more of a shopping list for myself that may or may not help the people whom may want to get me a Christmas present. I love making lists-they make me feel calm and cost zero dollars and zero cents (a de-stress hobby i may want to take up).

Well, it’s Monday (aka moan-day) tomorrow. Sigh.